The Life and Times of Readers and Writers of Children’s Short Stories, Vol II

The Life and Times of Readers and Writers of Children’s Short Stories, Vol II

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Welcome to the second edition of The Life and Times of Readers and Writers of Children’s Short Stories. In this edition, we feature three articles on the benefits for reading to children.


The Benefits of Reading to Your Child:


In a recent study MRI images revealed a stronger activation in the brain area responsible for language processing in children who were read to at home on a regular basis, controlling for household income. Overall very interesting article!


Making the Most of Story Time: Tips for Reading to Young Children:


Interesting article reminding us why it’s crucial we read with our children. Also provides helpful tips on ways to keep them engaged.


Read It Again, Please! The Benefits of Repeated Read Alouds:


Interesting article explaining through scientific research why re-reading favorite books is not just enjoyable for children, but helpful, too.


This Week’s Featured Author:

Byron Bennett

Graduate of the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School, entrepreneur and finance professional. I started writing short stories to read to my daughter who lives in Ko Samui, Thailand over Skype. After several years of writing, I've built a collection of short stories that I would like to share with children and parents around the world.  I hope that you enjoy them and provide feedback and suggestions for new ones.


Byron Bennett has published 43 story so far and its been the most viewed story on our site:

The Unicorn Adventure (4 of 4) - The Adventures Of Princess RiverStar (Ch. 33)

As Princess RiverStar raced around the corner, she saw her mother and father waiting at the foot of a rainbow like bridge. The bridge led across a smooth flowing river to a lush green pasture filled with thousands of unicorns grazing. As she climbed down off of her unicorn and was about to ask her parents where their unicorns were, her unicorn disappeared in a brilliant flash of light. Her amazement was tempered by understand when she saw a flash of light in the vast pasture. As she greeted her parents, they confirmed what she had guessed. The next challenge would be to find their unicorns in the pasture. They didn’t have to wait long before Princess BrightStar joined them. After her unicorn disappeared into the pasture, the bridge started to glow. They moved to walk across the bridge but found their way blocked. As they were discussing how to proceed, their diamonds started to pulsate softly in a slow rhythm. Holding their diamonds in their hands, they started walking across the bridge again. This time they were allowed to proceed. But, halfway across the bridge, it vanished leaving them falling towards the water. They experienced a moment of panic before they realized that the water was another portal and they were now standing in what seemed like the center of the pasture. In every direction that they looked, they could see thousands of unicorns. How were they going to find their unicorn in all them? My diamond is still pulsating softly said the Queen. Maybe it will get brighter as we approach our unicorns? She held out her hand and started walking in a wide circle. As she was halfway around the circle, her diamond began to pulsate brighter and faster. Laughing she ran in the direction of her unicorn, leaving the others to find their own way...


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