Colors is a fun story that gives life to the colors of the rainbow. It takes you with them on their journey through the lands, where they add color to what they touch. Its hard not to feel a little brighter after this one.

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Sold By: Byron Bennett


Once upon a time, the color Red was flying through the land giving color to air, water, trees, animals, and sand as it touched them.

Red felt something cool brush up alongside it.

The color Blue had decided to join Red on its journey through the lands.

‘This is a pleasant surprise,’ said Red.

‘I thought that you looked lonely,’ replied Blue.

‘But, I was having so much fun, said Red, defensively.

‘Things looked a little off when everything was Red,’ said Blue.

‘And, you thought that a little Blue would help.’

‘And it did,’ said Blue with a smile.

‘Look, here comes Yellow,’ Red observed…