Ducks In The Mud

Ducks In The Mud

A fun day filled with abundance turns tragic for a family of ducks that get trapped in mud. However, after the brave efforts of the ducklings, some help from other animals, and a helping hand from mother nature, the family was saved in a very happy ending.

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Sold By: Byron Bennett


One beautiful Spring day, a mother duck was leading her baby ducklings in search of food.

They were walking along the riverbed, just a short way up from the beach.

It hadn’t rained in days, so the river was low and parts of the riverbed were pools of mud.

The family of ducks were finding lots vegetation, worms and tiny fish to eat and the ducklings were playing and very happy.

Every now and then, mama duck reminded them to stay close and not wander too far away.

As the day began winding down, the ducks reach a particularly muddy spot.

Mama duck told the ducklings to be careful.

She warned them not to go too far out into the mud because some of it was probably too soft.

The ducklings agreed then continued about their play and search for food.

Without meaning to go so far out into the mud, two of the baby ducks found themselves there and they were starting to sink.

They cried loudly for mama duck who ran over to help them out of the soft mud.

She was able to help them out and they happily ran to join the remaining ducklings safely on the side of the riverbed.

However, mama duck was much heavier than her baby ducklings.  She began to sink into the mud herself and couldn’t get out.

Try as she might, she was stuck…