Eli’s 1st Winter Carnival


Eli’s 1st Winter Carnival

Eli’s First Winter Carnival

Little Eli is very excited about going to his first winter carnival. He enjoys making snow angels, riding on a toboggan and helping his family make the goofiest snowman ever. When he gets back home, he has a cozy time with his family before falling asleep thinking about his wonderful day.

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Eli’s 1st Winter Carnival

Hi, my name is Elijah.

But my friends call me Eli. Winter is my favourite time and today is the Winter Carnival.

My big brother, Isaiah, has gone before. But this is my first time.

As I walk downstairs, my mother says, “It is as cold as ice cream outside.”

So my brother and I put on our winter jackets. Again, my mom said, “Don’t forget to also put on your hat, scarves and gloves.”

We all get dressed and my mom, my dad, my brother and I set off through the woods to go to the carnival.