Home And Back (1 of 4) – The Adventures Of Princess RiverStar (Ch. 26)

Home And Back (1 of 4) – The Adventures Of Princess RiverStar (Ch. 26)

In this first installment of Home And Back, Princess RiverStar learns that she will be accompanying her parents to the meeting of the elder races, which occurs every 5 years. They would travel with the Elves to the Inner Gardens and the home of the Guardians in the Gardens of Life. There they would meet the Guardians responsible for seeding and nurturing the planet, reconnect with the universal consciousness during the Sleep of Rejuvenation, and attend a bonding ceremony around the Water of Life. Princess RiverStar was excited to see the elder races that she had only heard of before like the Dwarfs and Ents; which were described as trees that could walk and talk. But, her focus was on the vial of water from the Water of Life that she would be gifted and allowed to take back with her.

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Princess RiverStar was getting dressed with one of her attendants when there was a knock on the door.

It was one of the castle knights with a message from her parents.

They wanted to see her in their sitting room for an important discussion as soon as possible.

Intrigued and a little nervous, she quickly finished dressing and hurried there.

She was escorted by the knight who delivered the message.

The knight standing on guard duty let her in with a small bow of his head but without his usual jovial greeting.

Between the message and that bow, she was expecting the serious air that hung over the sitting room.

The King and Queen were engaged in conversation with their senior advisors.

But, they immediately waved her over to join them.

Please be seated they said.

We are discussing our plans for a trip to the meeting of the races tomorrow.

There is much that we need to tell you before we leave.

‘Yes’, they said with a smile, ‘you are coming with us.’

She had known that something was being planned.

But, hadn’t known what all the preparations were for.

They told her that every five years the leaders of the elder races would journey to their ancestral home for a conference.

Their ancestral home was referred to as the Inner Gardens, but she didn’t know what that meant or where it was.

Her nervousness dwindled and receded to the back of her mind, firmly supplanted by excitement.

Tomorrow would begin a great adventure and she would get to meet some of the elder races.

She was excited to see the ones that she had only heard about like the Dwarfs and Ents; which were described as trees that could walk and talk.

Her parents smiled, they had her full attention now and knew it.

The King stood up and asked everyone to return in one hour.

All of the advisors were prepared for the dismissal and quickly left the royal family alone.

This brought back some nervousness, but it didn’t dampen her excitement at all.

The Queen spoke first.

We asked everyone to leave because much of what we need to tell you is for your ears and your ears only.

‘Do you understand’ she asked?

‘Yes,’ replied Princess RiverStar nodding from one to the other.

Before we can tell you about our trip tomorrow, we must start by telling you a few secrets that you must never reveal to anyone outside of our family.

‘Do you understand,’ they asked again even more seriously this time?

After she quickly agreed, her mother continued.

Millions of years ago this planet was transformed from its early state by a selection of Guardians…