Home And Back (2 of 4) – The Adventures Of Princess RiverStar (Ch. 27)

Home And Back (2 of 4) – The Adventures Of Princess RiverStar (Ch. 27)

In this second installment of Home And Back, the royal family set off on their journey to the Inner Gardens. After seeing that everyone was brought inside the castle and sheltered, they activate a cloak of invisibility and protection and set off with an escort of knights to meet up with their traveling companions, the elven royal family. The elves use one of their portals to transport them outside of the north entrance to the Inner Gardens, where they are meet by guides who radiate enough heat to protect them from the cold. When they reach the entrance, Prince RiverStar is amazed to find dinosaurs.

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Early the next morning, Princess RiverStar met her parents and the traveling party in the courtyard.

The villagers and farmers had all been brought inside the castle the night before with enough food to sustain them for the week.

They now slept soundly in beds and blankets throughout the castle.

The last step before departure was to activate the protective magic of the castle.

Her parents explained that it took someone in the royal family that was bonded to the castle’s elven magic to activate the cloak of invisibility and protection.

Hand in hand she walked with her parents to the fountain in the center of the inner courtyard, which was glowing and pulsating an unusual bright green color.

The magic of the castle knew what was coming and what would be asked of her.

When they reached the fountain, the King and Queen placed their crowns in the fountain, held their hands in the water and asked her to do the same.

As she did, they asked her to repeat after them.

‘Please guide and protect our people and our castle while we are away.

We are journeying to the meeting of the races in the Inner Garden and expect to be gone for seven days.

When we return, we will call you by your true name Irendale and ask you to let us in to resume our duties.’

After they were done, the water changed from green to blue and her parents turned to walk towards the traveling party that was waiting by the inner gate.

As they walked towards the traveling party, her father explained what they had done.

They asked the magic to protect the people and the castle.

They told her where they were going.

They told her when to expect them back.

And, they gave her the password and passphrase that they would use when they returned.

Please remember them her mother said.

We don’t expect anything to go wrong, but it is important for you to understand how to activate and deactivate this part of the magic.

We will ask you to do it when we return.

As soon as they reached the traveling party, the royal family mounted their horses and immediately started for the castle gate.

After they were through the gates and across the castle bridge, Princess RiverStar looked back.

They only things that she could see were hills and farmland and the vague hint of a fountain.

Her father smiled and told her that the fountain was their guide home and could only be seen by the three of them and the elves…