Home And Back (3 of 4) – The Adventures Of Princess RiverStar (Ch. 28)

Home And Back (3 of 4) – The Adventures Of Princess RiverStar (Ch. 28)

In the third installment of Home And Back, Princess RiverStar and her companions make their descent into the Inner Gardens. Exiting their ship they are greeted with fresh wonders including a grove of ancient trees and a team of unicorns to take them onward to the Garden of Life. Upon reaching the Garden of Life, they are greeted by the Guardians who offer them a cup to drink from the Water of Life and send them into a nurturing sleep of rejuvenation.

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As Princess RiverStar and her companions arrived at the ship that would take them inside the planet to the Inner Garden, they could see a buzz of activity.

There were animals, people and ships everywhere and all of them were a sight to behold.

But, as amazing as everything was, Princess RiverStar was fascinated by how everyone and everything flowed together seamlessly as if sharing one consciousness.

When she looked towards one of the strange animals or people, they would return her gaze and send her warm energetic greetings.

It was all so beautiful and overwhelming at the same time.

She found herself holding mommy’s hand tighter, until she felt the gentle smile and reassurance of the Guardians.

When they entered their ship, it seemed like they had walked into a cave with a thousand fireflies flashing in different colors.

While it was clear that the ship was a machine, it felt almost alive and their escorts didn’t do anything other than tell it where they wanted to go.

In fact, the ship seemed to already know where they needed to go.

The ship lifted off slowly and started gliding towards the center of the massive hole.

It was a little scary to think of being above a huge hole that went down into the earth for hundreds of miles.

But, every time that she felt nervous or thought of being scared, waves of reassurance and warmth would wash over her.

One time, she even heard the Guardians say that there is no need for fear here.

When they started their descent in the hole, her fear came and went in an instant.

She was expecting an uneasy and long ride.

But, it didn’t feel like they were moving at all before they were setting down in a field in front of a row of ancient trees.

As they walked out of the ship and towards the path leading through the ancient trees, she could see more of the plants and animals that she had seen above and many more.

It was clear that they were used to each other and had no reason to fear the newcomers.

A small dinosaur that she was staring at even bowed its head in greeting, which made her smile.

At the end of the row of trees, they found a group of white unicorns waiting to take them onward through the Inner Garden to the Garden of Life.

Their escorts explained that some things changed to meet the expectations of the visitors, as they looked at Princess RiverStar with a knowing smile.

She blushed like a pink rose when she realized that they were saying that she had been hoping to see unicorns and that is why they were being met by unicorns instead of horses or something else…