Home And Back (4 of 4) – The Adventures Of Princess RiverStar (Ch. 29)

Home And Back (4 of 4) – The Adventures Of Princess RiverStar (Ch. 29)

In the fourth and final installment of Home And Back, Princess RiverStar is woken from the Sleep of Rejuvenation to find that the Guardians are ready to start the meeting of the elder races. The meeting includes a ceremony where everyone takes turns immersing themselves into the Water of Life and reciting an ancient prayer for its health. At the conclusion of the meeting, they are transported back to the Enchanted Forest to begin the journey back to their castle.

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As one of the youngest, Princess RiverStar was the last to be woken from the Sleep of Rejuvenation.

The meeting of the elder races was ready to begin when she reached the Hall of the Guardians.

The first thing she noticed, as she slipped in beside her parents, was that all of the rulers of the elder races surrounded the Water of Life and the Guardians floated above it.

After Prince Caleb and a few other younglings arrived, the Guardians spoke in their minds and informed them that it was time for the meeting to begin.

Princess RiverStar didn’t know how much time had passed while she was sleeping.

But, she felt at peace and as sure of herself as she had ever been before.

As she looked at the Dwarfs, Ents, Trolls, Sumars, Pigmies, Gin, Reptilians, Birdman, Unicorns, Elves, Fairies and the other elder races, their histories and her connection to them flowed to her.

It was as if she was still in the Sleep of Rejuvenation.

Her father sent her a message that everyone was connected to the universal consciousness in the Inner Garden and she would keep learning until they returned home.

When she looked around, the smiles and affirmations that she received confirmed his story.

She received a few thoughts that she didn’t recognize at first and looked forward as a dolphin broke the surface of the water.

At the same time, the Guardians informed her that the Dolphins, Mermaids, Turtles, Whales and the other elder water races were also present.

That made her a little nervous about immersing herself in the water until she was reminded that there was no need to fear there.

The Old Enemy could not breech the superior magic of the Guardians and enter the Inner Garden like it had done on the surface.

All of their knowledge of the Old Enemy flooded into her mind in a flash and caused her a moment of panic.

But, that panic went away almost instantaneously, as the Guardians explain that the old enemy was part of the balance of the world and what gave her choices greater meaning.

She could feel the water races position themselves at the edge of the circular pool of water as she watched the guardians descend to it to begin the ceremony.

It seemed as if everyone’s thoughts were as one and being guided by the water.

Slowly, the Guardians and everyone present placed their hands into the water and began the ritual prayer that had been recited for millions of years:

‘thank you for life and the sustenance that you bring, in your honor we will strive to learn, grow and love, and we will live to love for love is everything’…