Magic Lessons (1 of 4) – The Adventures Of Princess RiverStar (Ch. 34)

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Magic Lessons (1 of 4) – The Adventures Of Princess RiverStar (Ch. 34)

Princess RiverStar wakes up from a particularly fanciful dream to find out that her magic had surfaced and she had been projecting her dreams to the entire house. Filled with nervous excitement, she is about to ask her parents question after question about magic. But, she is interrupted by the voice of the King of the Elves telling them that the elves were on their way to begin her magic lessons.

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Early one morning just before sunrise, Princess RiverStar was stirring in bed at their beach house on the island.

But, she was not ready to wake up from her dream just yet and fell back asleep.

She thought that she heard a soft knock on the door.

Opening the door, she saw all of her friends there.

They wanted her to go flying with them.

Of course, she loved to fly and quickly agreed.

In the blink of an eye, they were running through the halls towards the door at the back of the house facing the mountains.

As they reached the door, she heard someone yell ‘come back sweetheart’.

But, the freedom and fun of flight was calling to her and she was too excited to stop.

Bursting through the door, she transformed into a phoenix and took to the skies with her friends.

It was a beautiful clear day and perfect for flying.

They raced along having the time of their lives playing tag and hide and seek behind the clouds and mountains.

In the distance, she could hear people summoning her back.

For a split second, she wondered if she should return.

But, their voices paled in comparison to the roar of laughter being made by her friends.

Suddenly, a much larger phoenix appeared in front of them.

It was trying to say something to them, but the friends dived towards the beach below.

As Princess RiverStar approached the beach, the large phoenix appeared in front of her again and tried to catch her.

She quickly swerved to the right to avoid capture.

But, she brushed it in passing which caused her path to lead her straight into the ocean.

As she hit the water, she transformed into a dolphin and raced off with her friends who had joined her.

All the fish gave them a wide berth as they raced by playing tag and shooting up out of the water to do flips in the air.

Just as she was falling back to the water from a particularly amazing flip, she was startled awake by an insistent knock on her door.

Her mother walking into the room yelling ‘wake up sweetie’ in an amused voice.

While we are all enjoying your dream, you will need to learn how to control your magic…