Magic Lessons (2 of 4) – The Adventures Of Princess RiverStar (Ch. 35)

Magic Lessons (2 of 4) – The Adventures Of Princess RiverStar (Ch. 35)

The surfacing of Princess RiverStar’s magic and the pending arrival of the Elves meant that they would need to return to the castle immediately. That meant that they would need to use a stone circle in the mountains to do so. Upon their return home, they were greeted with warm but surprised looks. Shortly after they had settled in and eaten a quick meal, the Elves arrived to begin her magic lessons.

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The surfacing of her magic and pending arrival of the Elves meant that they would need to return to the castle immediately.

That also meant that they would need to use the stone circle in the mountains behind the beach house to do so.

The household spent the remainder of the morning packing and preparing for the journey home.

When everything was packed and everyone was ready to go, the knights led them up the winding trail to the portal.

When they reached the stone circle, the King dismounted from his horse and walked to the entrance.

He tapped his staff on the guide stone three times and used his magic to activate the portal.

After climbing back onto his horse, he led the party through it.

The portal transported them back to Rosie, the castle bridge, which notified the castle that they were home.

Princess RiverStar could feel the excitement coming from the Irendale, the Elven princess that was the heart of the castle and its magic, who resided in the secret chamber under the fountain with the dancing princesses.

Irendale knew why they were back early and was excited to start her magic lessons.

She couldn’t help but smiling at how happy Irendale was.

The journey into the castle was filled with warm but surprised looks.

They were not expected back for weeks.

Once inside, the staff set about unpacking and the knights prepared for the arrival of the Elves.

They had exactly one hour before sunset.

After they were showered and changed, Cook served them a quick meal to help them recover from the journey home and build up their strength for what promised to be hours of magic practice.

Princess RiverStar had so many questions.

But, she was too nervous to ask them.

She was still broadcasting some of her thoughts in a limited range.

So, her parents knew that she was nervous.

But, they didn’t really need magic to know that.

Both of them sent her waves of love and told her that she shouldn’t be nervous but excited.

When it was time, they left her sister Princess BrightStar in the sitting room and made their way to the inner courtyard.

As they had on her Naming Day, which was also her seventh birthday, hundreds of Elves lined the outside of the circular courtyard.

Each of the Elves was standing next to their long staffs, which had torches on top of them that burned with fire magic.

They were even more excited than the knights had been.

This time the entire Elven royal family was waiting for them by the fountain.

The Elven King and Queen greeted them warmly telepathically.

But, their children Prince Kaylan and Prince Caleb hugged her joyfully.

The statutes of dancing princesses came to life with conspiratorial joy.

They cleared the way for the water to flow to the side of the fountain and allow everyone to descend the stairs built of water magic to the circular chamber below.

The children followed their parents down the stairs greeting the dancing princesses as they passed.

Once again, the entire Elven party followed after with their magic torches…