Magic Lessons (4 of 4) – The Adventures Of Princess RiverStar (Ch. 37)

Magic Lessons (4 of 4) – The Adventures Of Princess RiverStar (Ch. 37)

Princess RiverStar wakes up to find that she had slept for five days straight and her body was still worn out from her testing. After learning about what happened while she slept and eating some stew, she is taught how to absorb energy to help build up her strength. As she is being helped back to bed, she notices that her aura was now in the form of a phoenix and matched her new phoenix patterned sheets.

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When Princess RiverStar woke up, she felt weaker than she ever felt before.

She could barely move, but she knew that she wasn’t hurt, just drained to the core.

And, she was famished to the point where her stomach hurt.

She was greeted by Irendale who sent her an image of a tray of food waiting on the table across from the bed.

Even if she hadn’t sensed it, the aroma coming from the stew filled the room and made her smile.

Someone made sure that she would have food waiting for her when she finally woke up.

Five days replied Irendale before Princess RiverStar could ask how long she had been sleeping.

Princess RiverStar was surprised that she had slept for five days straight.

She had never slept that long before.

But, she remembered snippets from her dreams and Irendale keeping watch over her.

Using a lot of magic drains you until you learn how to take care of yourself, said Irendale.

Thank you for watching over me and helping me guard my dreams.

You are welcome, it was my pleasure and my duty.

How did I do with controlling my dreams, asked Princess RiverStar?

Irendale laughed.

Well, everyone knows that your favorite dog is named Brownie and you want purple diamonds from the land of the unicorns to go with your purple dress.

But, you did extremely well.

You only needed small reminders here and there.

Princess RiverStar slipped out of bed to make her way to the tray of food and almost fell.

When she grabbed onto the bed for support, she noticed that she had new phoenix patterned sheets, which made her smile.

She was received a warm greeting from her mother warning her to take it easy and that she was on her way.

Clearly, her mother had left a notification spell in the room.

Princess RiverStar was so weak that it took all of her strength to make it to the sitting table.

She was catching her breath, when her mother walked in with two servants, who quickly went to work on the room.

Good evening sweetie, her mother said cheerfully.

You have been sleeping for five days and need to take it easy until you regain your strength.

So, don’t push yourself too hard.

Yes mommy, she replied.

Why don’t you start with a glass of water before you go for the stew?

Two glass of water later, Princess RiverStar answered in the affirmative and a thirst quenching smile.

Congratulations on how well you did during your tests, her mother continued.

We were all so very proud of you and the way that you made the phoenixes rise out of all the torches was quite impressive.

Your sister can’t wait until she turns seven and comes into her magic.

I’m sure that you will be anxious to start your lessons.

But, there is a lot that we need to teach you about magic and the consequences of using first, like burning yourself out.

So, please be patient and focus on rebuilding your strength for the next few days.

The servants finished changing the sheets and cleaning the room and made a quiet exit.

As Princess RiverStar ate her soup, the Queen gave her a humorous update of the things that happened while she was sleeping.

Most of the unusual events were caused by her discovery of magic.

The massive amount of energy and magic used during her testing kept the whole castle awake late into the night.

Everyone shared a dream that she had of all the kids chasing Brownie through the castle.

A company of Elves were making daily visits to the castle and were the talk of the town.

Her magical awaking was felt far and wide and they were being protective.

Overprotective some think said the King as he walked in…