Memories Of A Unicorn

Memories Of A Unicorn

Memories Of A Unicorn is a beautiful coming of age story about a young unicorn named Keino who must pass an unforgiving test in order to become an adult and named as a true unicorn. The test comes suddenly and unexpectedly and ends before Keino even knows that he is being tested. But, both the story and its conclusion are heartwarming and will bring a smile to your face, if not a joyful tear to your eye.

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Sold By: Ben Rand


Once upon a time in a beautiful magic kingdom on the other side of the planet, there live a young unicorn named Keino.

One day, when Keino was leaving their groove of trees in the forest by where the short river met the long river to go for a walk along the long river, his parents called him over.

Son, now that you are almost an adult, we need to discuss the transition with you and prepare you for the tests that you must pass to enter into the hall of magic.

The elders believe that there are three things that define who we are as unicorns above all; love, kindness and our ability to use natural magic.

When it is time for your transition, they will take you to the enchanted forest to complete the right of passage.

If you succeed, you will live your life out as a unicorn, tasked with spreading love and beauty throughout the land.

However, if you fail, you will be turned into a beautiful stallion and released in the neighboring kingdom.

And, all your memories of being a unicorn and here with us will be wiped away.

Hearing those words frightened Keino.

He loved being a unicorn, he loved his family and he loved the magical forest that they lived in and all its fascinating creatures.

His parents saw the panic in his eyes and quickly continued.

We know that you are a true unicorn and will pass the tests.

So, we are not worried.

Ever since you were a child, you have been loving and kind and your magic will come to you when it’s time for you to transition.

But, Keino could tell that they were nervous and they could feel that he knew that they were nervous.

It had been the same way when they were young.

The tests were sudden and the elders were unforgiving.

Either you had the makings of a true unicorn or you did not in their eyes.

Sometimes, they would walk through the neighboring kingdom admiring the beautiful stallions and wonder which ones had been unicorns that didn’t pass the test.

But, the stallions were happy and had no memory of ever being anything but beautiful horses.

Keino’s parents walked over to him and rubbed faces sending him the warm magic of assurance.

‘We love you’ they said ‘and we believe in you.’

That made Keino feel a little better and less worried.

But, as he left for his walk, he couldn’t help wondering if he would pass his test when the time came…