Runaway Frog – The Adventures Of Princess RiverStar (Ch. 4)

Runaway Frog – The Adventures Of Princess RiverStar (Ch. 4)

As Princess RiverStar is getting ready for school, she discovers a tiny tree frog in her bathroom. But, the tiny frog quickly makes its escape. What follows is an adventurous tale of their attempts to catch the frog and help it get back outside before their dog Brownie does.

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Sold By: Byron Bennett


Living on an island, one gets used to ants, spiders, insects, lizards and other small animals passing through their house on occasion or even taking up residence in it.

One morning when Princess RiverStar went to brush her teeth and wash up before school, she was startled to see a small frog jump through the bathroom door.

It hopped off down the hallway towards Mommy’s room.

After composing herself, she set off down the hall to catch the frog and help it find its way outside.

But, search as she might, she could not find the frog.

Just then, Mommy walked into her room and asked her why she wasn’t getting ready for school.

After hearing about the little frog, Mommy laughed and joined in the search.

They could not find the little frog, but every now and then they would hear it croak ‘ribbit.’

Just as they were about to look under the bed again, a tiny green frog hopped out and landed on Mommy’s arm, startling her into laughter.

Before she should bring her other hand up to catch it though, the frog jumped off onto the floor and started making its way to the door.

Princess RiverStar tried to grab the frog, but only succeeded in knocking over the basket of dirty clothes.

Mommy was laughing so hard that she couldn’t help but laugh too.

Right as they were heading for the door to chase the frog, they heard a very excited and playful Brownie barking and running down the hall after the frog and towards the living room…