Surviving The Fall (Chapter 1)

Surviving The Fall (Chapter 1)

After a great cataclysm, one tree survived due to a unique partnership with a mushroom colony. It is now known as Mother. Mother was just a baby when the first survivors found it. Mother became a symbol of hope for the survivors. So, they nurtured it and Mother prospered and grew. Eventually, they started living in the tree and what started out as tree houses grew into the city of Harp. But, all was not well. Mother was dying. Or, at least it seemed that way.

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The City of Harp had grown so big that it was larger than some of the moons in the solar system.

But, what made it truly unique was that it was built on top of a tree.

Yes, a single tree!

You see, after the great cataclysm thousands of years ago, only one tree survived.

The humans that live there have called it by many names over the years.

But now, it is just known as Mother.

Mother was just a baby when the first survivors found it.

Sitting on a hilltop above the bend of a large river, it was easy to see for miles.

Mother became a beacon for the survivors and a symbol of hope.

The survivors soon started praying for Mother’s health and bringing water up from the river below.

Mother thrived and its roots dug deep and penetrated further into the mushroom colony that it sat on top of.

The tree and the mushroom formed a symbiotic relationship.

The tree would clean the air and supply nourishment from above and the mushroom would do the same below.

The secret of the tree’s survival was that the mushroom filtered out the poisons and radiation that soaked the soil.

Through team work and the prayers and care of the humans, both grew and cleansed the land around them.

Eventually, they fused into one.

No one knows when the first survivors started living in the tree.

But, that first community of treehouses turned into a village that kept growing.

Eventually, it grew into what is now known as the City of Harp.

A city so vast that it covers over half of the planet.

After the violence of the cataclysm, the survivors had chosen a way of peace and oneness.

They care for each other and the tree without thought.

And, their telepathic abilities allowed everyone to grow together and evolve at a rapid rate.

Every thought, action and emotion was shared with each other and the fusion of the tree and mushroom known as Mother.

Mother was the heart and soul of Harp and everything to the residents, including their library.

And, the residents of Harp were one with it.

Every resident was aware of the smallest drop of water entering the Mother’s root systems.

And, the tinniest cell in the root system was aware of the thoughts, actions and emotions of every resident.

But, all was not well in Harp.

Mother was dying…