The Castle Bridge – The Adventures Of Princess RiverStar (Ch. 24)

The Castle Bridge – The Adventures Of Princess RiverStar (Ch. 24)

Princess RiverStar and her younger sister Princess BrightStar are returning to the castle from a play day in the Enchanted Forest. However, the castle bridge Rosie starts diverting them from the gate. It turns out that they are being pursued and Rosie is trying to protect them and the castle. When the girls make it across the bridge, they see a castle on high alert ready to defend itself. But, they quickly find out that their pursuer is no threat and it was all a misunderstanding.

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One day when Princess RiverStar was returning from a play day in the Enchanted Forest, something unexpected happened when she was crossing the castle bridge.

As she approached the bridge, she saw that the bridge split into two branches.

She crossed this bridge every day and sometimes multiple times per day.

So, she was really confused.

Her younger sister Princess BrightStar was just as perplexed.

Neither of them understood what was going on, but they lived in a magical kingdom where strange things happened frequently.

Princess BrightStar suggested that each of them take one side of the bridge.

But, Princess RiverStar knew that was the wrong thing to do and said that they should stay together.

They decided to take the bridge on the left because it felt safer.

But, as they started to cross the bridge, they noticed that it ended in a meadow, which wasn’t right.

The bridge should lead to the front gate of the castle.

They started to turn around but saw the same meadow scene behind them.

Now both of them became a little nervous because they didn’t know what was going on.

A bridge that was familiar to them was acting really strange.

They called out to the bridge by name, “Rosie is everything alright?

Can you take us to the front of the castle?”

But, the bridge didn’t respond, which was unusual.

Princess BrightStar suggested that they walk forward in the direction that they had been going.

As they started walking forward, they heard a strange noise behind them as if someone had dropped something.

But, when they looked back, they didn’t see anything or anyone.

They were more than a little nervous now and started walking forward again at a faster pace.

When they were approaching the other side, they felt the presence of something else on the bridge with them.

Now, they were a little scared.

Who or what could it be?

They quickly grabbed each other’s hands and started running forward towards the far side of the bridge.

As they approached the bottom of the bridge, they noticed that the bridge didn’t end, but split into two directions again.

Without stopping, they chose the left side and kept running across the second bridge.

When they got to the top of the second bridge they were winded and decided to slow down to a walk.

They continued to shoot nervous looks behind them to see if they were being followed.

Not seeing anyone, they continued their journey across the bridge.

This time when they approached the bottom of the bridge, they could see the castle just beyond it.

They started feeling relieved and relaxed a little bit.

But, they kept walking briskly just in case.

However, just before they reached the bottom of the bridge, they heard the footsteps of something coming up behind them and looked back.

Still unable to see their pursuer, they quickly started running forward again.

But, now they couldn’t see the castle anymore…