The Enchanted Lake

The Enchanted Lake

Sometimes you get what you wish for. That is exactly what happened to a little girl named Laura who lives next to an enchanted lake in a magic kingdom. One day, she fell asleep next to the lake dreaming of her heart’s desire, healing her parents. Her prayers were answered in the most fantastical heart warming way.

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Sold By: Ben Rand


One day a little girl named Laura was sitting by the lake outside her village with her parents having a picnic.

The weather was beautiful and they were having a great time.

But, Laura was worried about her parents.

Both of them had been sick for a long time.

While they were getting better, it was very slowly.

They told her not to worry about them and that they would be all right.

But, she couldn’t help worrying about them.

Not only did she love them more than anything else in the world, she couldn’t imagine life without them.

Or, at least when Laura did, she was always sad because she knew that she would miss them so much.

And, who would take care of her?

Her older brother Lionel visited the village every month and he promised to take care of her if anything happened to their parents.

But, it just wouldn’t be the same.

However, today was not the day to be fretting and worrying.

Everything had been perfect all day.

When she woke up that morning, she had helped her mother pack the supplies and prepare the meal for their picnic.

They had walked to the lake under the most beautiful clear skies with only little fluffy clouds for decoration.

All the villagers that they passed had been happy and greeted them with warm smiles.

And, the lake looked crystal clear and enchanting.

The lake was actually said to be enchanted, but Laura didn’t know why.

She had asked her parents why everyone called it the enchanted lake.

But, they didn’t know either…