The Hanging Gardens

The Hanging Gardens

In this telling of the legend of the Hanging Gardens, a valley king heeds the advice of his people and agrees to take the hand of a mountain princess in marriage. It seems like a match made in heaven that pleases both kingdoms. But, there is one problem. The princess fears that she would be home-sick. To address her potential home-sickness, the valley king comes up with a solution that pleases her and his entire kingdom.

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Once upon a time there was famous king of the valley that was adored by his people because he always treated them fairly and never started any wars.

But, he was a sad king and all of them wanted to see him happy again.

Ever since his wife had died in a horse riding accident, he did everything right and loved his people, but he was not happy.

While he smiled sometimes, he rarely laughed and he continued to mourn his dead wife.

After two years had passed, the people were at a loss about what to do.

They loved him so much and wanted to see him happy again.

One of the elders, who had recently returned from a journey to a faraway kingdom in the mountains, had an idea.

That night, he told it to his family, who thought it was a brilliant idea.

So, the next day he waited in line with all the other petitioners to asked the king of the valley and his advisors for an audience.

After over three hours of waiting in line, it was finally his turn to address the king and his advisors.

He was very nervous.

But, his family was waiting towards the back of the room and encouraged him to go on.

After a long drawn out moment of silence, he began to speak.

What he spoke next, shocked the kingdom and created a fresh wave of hope through the land.

“My king, we all love you and consider you a part of our family and it hurts us to see you so sad.

You have smiled but you have not truly been happy since the passing of our beloved queen.”

At that point, the king, his advisors, and everyone in the throne room went completely silent.

It was so quiet, that you could hear a pin drop.

But the man summoned the courage to continue.

“During my travels in the mountain kingdom, I learned that their king has four beautiful daughters of marriage age.

I would not be so bold as to suggest what you should do my king, but all of us would love to see you marry again and find the same level of happiness you once had.”

Speechless, the entire room seemed to get even quieter than before…