The Happy Horse (2 of 3) – The Adventures Of Princess RiverStar (Ch. 16)

The Happy Horse (2 of 3) – The Adventures Of Princess RiverStar (Ch. 16)

When Princess RiverStar and her new friends arrived the next Saturday morning for their riding lessons with Lucy, they found that she had taken ill. Disappointed and concerned, they returned home and told their parents the news. Over the following weeks, Lucy’s condition worsened and their neighbor and the doctor were concerned for her life. But, they noticed that Lucy had a plan. She was eating barberry, buckthorn, burdock, licorice, prickly ash, queen’s root and red clover in an attempt to heal herself.

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Early the following Saturday morning, Princess RiverStar and her new friends arrived for their lessons with Lucy.

However, their neighbor walked out of the barn with a doctor and a sad look on his face.

I’m sorry kids, he said.

But, Lucy is not feeling well.

So, your lessons will have to wait until next weekend.

Disappointed and concerned for Lucy, they asked what was wrong with her.

The doctor doesn’t know yet, he replied.

But, she is going to do some more tests on Lucy to see if she can find out.

The children went home and relayed the news to their parents.

They returned the next weekend to hear that Lucy was even worse than before.

Now, they were all really worried about Lucy and nervous that they wouldn’t get any more horseback riding lessons.

After making a pledge to pray for Lucy’s health, they all went home again.

Their parents suggested that they should wait until they got word that Lucy was better before they went back.

But, they were too concerned and couldn’t wait that long, so they decided to go see her the following Saturday.

When they returned to the farm, their neighbor told them that Lucy’s condition was worsening and she may not get better.

Deeply saddened, they were about to go back home when Princess RiverStar asked if they could stay with Lucy for a while and walk with her in the pasture.

After a few moments of consideration, he told them that it would be ok.

But, he would go with them just in case because sick animals can sometimes be unpredictable.

So, off the four of them went, walking through the pasture with Lucy.

Every now and then, Lucy would stop at particular plants and eat a little.

To their surprise, Lucy passed up her normal food of hay and grains and went back to the same plants repeatedly.

So, they started keeping track of the plants that she was eating and saw that she was staying with the same seven plants.

Lucy ate barberry, buckthorn, burdock, licorice, prickly ash, queen’s root and red clover.

The neighbor wondered why out loud, but just kept watching Lucy.

The kids were thinking that Lucy knew what she was doing to take care of herself, but the neighbor wasn’t sure.

After a few hours, he sent them home with a promise that they could come again next weekend.

When Princess RiverStar got home, she told Mommy about Lucy’s odd behavior and the shared the specific plants that Lucy was eating.

Those plants can be good for healing, Mommy agreed.

And, she expressed how proud she was of Princess RiverStar for being able to recognize that Lucy was probably following her own instincts on how to care for herself; like we are all able to do if we listen closely enough…