The Happy Horse (3 of 3) – The Adventures Of Princess RiverStar (Ch. 17)

The Happy Horse (3 of 3) – The Adventures Of Princess RiverStar (Ch. 17)

In the conclusion to The Happy Horse, Princess RiverStar and the other children get to continue their riding lessons on a fully healed Lucy. As a reward for their progress, their neighbor takes them for a ride off the farm to a neighboring lake where they enjoy a picnic with their parents. During their song-filled ride to the lake and back, the children get to see the world from a height that they have never experienced before.

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When Princess RiverStar and her two friends arrived at their neighbor’s farm for their Saturday morning riding lesson, they received a pleasant surprise.

Not only was their regular horse Lucy saddled and ready for riding, but there were 3 other horses saddled and waiting as well.

Their neighbor had a wide grin on his face.

He stated that they were learning to ride so well, that each of them would get their own horse today and they would practice riding together.

If you pass with flying colors, he continued, next weekend we will ride the horses down to the lake and let them graze around while we have a picnic.

That news was greeted with loud cheers mixed with determination to succeed.

Now, who wants to ride Lucy he asked?

Of course, each of the kids shot their hand up into the air.

That’s what I thought laughed the neighbor.

So, we are going to let Lucy decide.

The kids looked at each other excitedly and nervously, wondering which of them Lucy would choose.

Each of you will hold out a stick of corn, he ordered.

Whoever Lucy goes to first will get to ride her today.

They were all comfortable enough with Lucy that they weren’t worried about her biting them.

However, they didn’t know who Lucy would choose.

Don’t worry about it too much reassured their neighbor, Lucy likes to have different riders and will probably choose someone else next time.

Ready he asked?

When they all replied yes, he let Lucy’s rope go and she slowly walked over to the boy named Mark, standing to the right of Princess RiverStar.

Princess RiverStar was a tiny bit disappointed but at the same time she was so thrilled to try and ride one of the other horses.

After they were introduced to the two other horses, Sally and Nick, the children were ready to go.

The neighbor helped them mount their horses and off they went…