The Happy Horse (1 of 3) – The Adventures Of Princess RiverStar (Ch. 15)

The Happy Horse (1 of 3) – The Adventures Of Princess RiverStar (Ch. 15)

The Adventures of Princess RiverStar continues in The Happy Horse series. Early one Saturday morning, Princess RiverStar is surprised with horse riding lessons. After an introduction to a gentle horse named Lucy and an enlightening morning of lessons, Princess RiverStar and two other kids are invited to return the following Saturday morning for weekly lessons.

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Sold By: Byron Bennett


One night when Princess RiverStar was just about to go to bed, the neighbor stopped by to talk to Mommy and Papa.

When he saw Princess RiverStar, his face spread into a big smile and he looked at Mommy with a conspiratorial grin.

Now, she was curious and wondering what they were planning, because they were clearly up to something.

The four of them took to the living room with cups of chamomile tea.

They talked about what a beautiful day it had been on his farm and joked around for about half an hour.

Then, Mommy sent her off to bed.

As she walked to her room, she could see that they were watching her and smiling.

She knew that they were waiting to talk about a surprise for her and wanted to know what they were plotting.

But, she was exhausted.

As much as she wanted to stay up and ask Mommy about it, she was asleep almost as soon as she laid down.

She slept very well that night and dreamed of all kinds of surprises.

She was just starting to stir in the morning, when she heard Mommy enter her room.

‘Morning sweetheart,’ gleamed Mommy.

‘Morning Mommy,’ she replied, and was about to launch into her question.

But, before she could even ask, Mommy declared ‘I need you to get dressed quickly this morning because we are going over to the neighbor’s farm’ with a smile.

Now, Princess RiverStar was really excited.

Whatever the surprise was, she was going to find out today.

In the blink of an eye, she was ready to go and impatiently waiting on Mommy.

There is some oatmeal and orange juice waiting on the table, directed Mommy.

Eat up, you will need your strength today.

Curious and bursting with excitement, Princess RiverStar ate her food quickly, then washed out her dishes.

Shortly afterwards, they walked out the house and down the road to the neighbor’s farm.

To her surprise, she saw two other kids from the neighborhood and their parents waiting there.

Unable to contain her excitement any longer, she pleaded with Mommy to tell her what the surprise was.

‘How would you like to learn how to ride a horse?’ she asked, beaming with a smile…