The Magic Treehouse – The Adventures Of Princess RiverStar (Ch. 8)

The Magic Treehouse – The Adventures Of Princess RiverStar (Ch. 8)

The Adventures of Princess RiverStar continues with a birthday celebration that starts out at a water park with her friends then gets better from there. After a sleepover at her friend Daria’s house, she returns home to find a large birthday surprise.

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Sold By: Byron Bennett


Princess RiverStar woke up excited and ready to have fun.

Today, she was going to the water park to celebrate her birthday with her friends.

She rushed through the house getting ready.

She found her favorite bathing suit and swimming goggles, no problem.

She was ready in no time at all and at the door waiting for Mommy.

Mommy reminded her that she hadn’t eaten breakfast yet and that she would need her energy for what promised to be a long day of fun filled activities.

Princess RiverStar sat down at the table and quickly ate her food.

After she was finished, she washed her dishes and walked back to the door, smiling at Mommy.

Just before she got there, Mommy asked her if she remembered to pack clothes for the sleepover.

She had totally forgotten that part of her birthday present was a sleepover with her friends.

She became super excited once more and ran to get her comb, toothbrush, teddy bear and pajamas.

‘One more thing,’ said Mommy, ‘don’t forget to bring the present for your friend Daria.

It’s her birthday too.

In her excitement, Princess RiverStar had forgotten that it was also Daria’s birthday.

They were going to have so much fun!